Gary Gait gives back to the game


Great overview of the year in lacrosse from John Weaver over at Re: Lax.  Gotta love the example that Gary Gait is for the game. Plus, the MCLA makes an appearence!   


The year that was 2008

I am not into ranking the achievements of others.
So, these great moments of 2008 are in no specific order.

Gaits back in the game

After Gary Gait, 41, led the Syracuse women’s lacrosse team to the NCAA tournament, he decided to come back and play in the National Lacrosse League for the Rochester Knighthawks. At his current age, the game’s greatest player ever may not be the best in the NLL, but I wouldn’t count him out to be a huge scorer in the league…

 Michigan, finally

I don’t mean to sound negative when I say “finally”. It’s just that Michigan has been a powerhouse and top team in the MCLA for so long that most people that I talked to at the MCLA Championships thought they had already won a title or two along the way. I knew for a fact that they had not. In fact, my good friend, coach John Paul, deserved one so badly, I was rooting for them during the playoffs – and I never cheer. I pick winners but I really don’t care who wins. It’s the journalist’s curse. But I could feel it building this year and knew it was the year for JP and the Wolverines. His team was too good this year not to finally take it all. We were privileged at E-Lacrosse to feature all of the Michigan home games on our Web site thanks to Doug Rigterink, our excellent videographer. Our Michigan 2008 highlight special was just an insane reel of great lacrosse capped off with a championship celebration.

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