Gear Review: Dragonfly C30 Shaft by Epoch Lacrosse

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Company: Epoch Lacrosse / Product: C30 / Price: $129.00

Appearance… +6.0

If you caught my first post on the Epoch X30 you’ll know I do appreciate Epoch’s commitment to a sleek and simple shaft. But again, while I love clean gear, I hate shafts that look like you could pick them up in a lacrosse starter pack set of gear.  I’m not looking for a shaft that had dollar bills plastered all over the side or something silly that glows in the dark (who actually plays lacrosse when it’s pitch black… c’mon) but black and silver just isn’t my thing.  I really hope Epoch will feature their brand’s bright green a bit more on future renditions of the Dragonfly line.

Grip… +7.5

As with the X30, Epoch’s C30 has been built with the companies carbon fiber, slip/grip giving players who use the C30 the feel of a taped shaft without the added weight (and goofy looks) of a shaft that has been wrapped from end to end.  The C30 features a traditional octagonal grip that, as Epoch describes, makes it easy to transition from a traditional shaft.

The C30 is as close as the Dragonfly line gets to typical stick you may be used to playing with and I won’t lie, the shaft feels pretty good when it sits in the gloves.

Weight… +10.0

Most of my sticks are pretty balanced.  The head and shaft weigh close to the same and if they are different it’s typically the shaft that weighs a bit more.  With the C30 I actually had to get used to a shaft that was quite a bit lighter than the head when I was cradling the ball.  This stick is light, plain and simple.  At 165 grams (5.8 oz.) the C30 weighs as much as a lacrosse ball.  I don’t know if you can get much lighter than that.

Durability… +5.0

As with most carbon shafts, I tend to play every game with a little voice in my head that keeps asking, “when is this thing going to break?”  Epoch has definitely begun to start to change the conversation when it comes to carbon in lacrosse.  I’ve been playing with the C30 for about a month, pushing it to the limits in my indoor games and so far I haven’t been able to break it  but I still don’t know if I am convinced.

The shafts coating scuffs quickly but the black hides it pretty well.  Epoch’s seamless construction supports their goal of building the industry’s lightest most durable shaft and sure enough, despite the scuffs, the grip feels as good as new and after 6+ indoor games I haven’t put a single scratch, dent or crack in the C30.

Value… +3.0

As with the rest of the Dragonfly line, the Epoch C30 shaft is too expensive.  Even if this thing can withstand multiple seasons worth of beating, $130 is top dollar for a shaft that compares to brands that have already proven their are battle ready.  I don’t mean to turn anyone away from the incredible work Epoch is doing, but until they can drop their prices to around the $90 range that most high quality shafts feature, I don’t see the C30 digging into the market anytime soon.

Overall… 6.2/10

While the C30 may not be the best bang for your buck, it definitely offers a lot of bang.  There is no doubt that the Epoch Dragonfly line offers some of the industry’s lightest shafts.  The C30 feels like it is ready to cradle itself.  If Epoch can drop their price tag to get this stick into the hands of more lacrosse players I truly believe they can change carbon’s future in our sport, but until then the Dragonfly C30 shaft may simply be something players hesitate to try out.