Gear Review: Proton Power by STX Lacrosse

STX dyed heads rainbow
STX offers heads in 10 colors (including white)
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Company: STX Lacrosse Product: Proton Power / Price: $64.99

The original STX Proton Power has been a classic ever since Paul Rabil rocked the blue, black and white versions of the head at Hopkins.  While it was designed to score, this head can do it all. Here we check out the older version of the head, and will check out the newer version in short order!

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Appearance… +7.5

The STX Proton Power is one of the more easily identifiable heads out there.  Since it’s inception, every version of the Proton has held true to the original shape, simple tweaking small features to fit the head to different positions and different players.  The head looks great and lends itself to both a mean pocket and a mean top string.  I really like the wavy top string holes.  While they are designed to reduce weight, they set the head up for a cool looking top string such as the triangle top string or a Chenango top string like the one I laced up in my head.

The Power.
The Power.

Stringing… +3.0

I love to string sticks so much that I am sure my friends on Facebook and Instagram are tired of looking at them.  To me, the perfect stringing head is one that gives you lots of options, both up top and on the sidewalls.  Unfortunately, I felt like the Proton Power fell flat in the stringing category.  With 10 holes down the side, the head is a little light on the stringing possibilities and one has to get crafty with the pocket.  In addition to having very few stringing holes, the head only has two bottom string holes.  STX originally designed the head with two to take out excess weight, but an unintended consequence is that you would have to get pretty creative if you ever wanted to put 4 leathers in the head.

Light on the holes.
Light on the holes.

Stiffness… +6.0

Despite what STX may suggest, Proton Power wouldn’t make much of a defensive head.  The head is as flexible as a hot yoga instructor making it a bad choice for defensive players looking to lay those big checks.  The head has great snap when shooting and handles the ball well when it is checked, that said, defensive players beware.

One rail to few.
One rail to few.

 Durability… +10.0

Due to it’s flexibility, the Proton Power can take quite a beating.  I spent a lot of time bending this head, pushing it side to side, shoving it into the ground, knocking it around with some friends and no matter what I did, the head seemed to always spring back to it’s original shape.  The ticker, single rail sidewall provides strength where you need it without making the head really rigid or really heavy. Usually when you think of a durable head you jump to a tank of a head like the STX Hammer.  The Proton Power proves that you don’t need bulk to be strong.

The Flubber of Lacrosse Heads.
The Flubber of Lacrosse Heads.

Value… +10.0

With new heads coming out every year, the Proton Power continues to be a top seller for STX.  Due to it’s age, the head is really reasonably priced.  At $64.99 you will be hard pressed to find a cheaper head that can provide a comparable level of performance.  While the head doesn’t meet college specs, it’s a must have for club or summer leagues.

Overall… 7.2/10

I love the STX Proton Power.  While it kills me to buy a head with so few stringing holes, I can see myself playing with the Proton Power for many seasons to come.  The head has an unbeatable price, looks sharp, and can take some serious punishment.  If you want something stiff, keep looking, but if you want a narrow head that handles the ball and delivers the performance you would expect from STX head over to to grab one for yourself.