Get Jacked! w/ Strength Coach Scott Umberger


Get Jacked! w/ Strength Coach Scott Umberger Get some workout tips from an expert! Scott Umberger is the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at Robert Morris University and works specifically with the Men’s and Woman’s Lacrosse Teams. He has all the tips you need to take your game to the next level.

THIS WEEK- Scott gives tips on how to build strength.  Hint: think sports cars and big time investments.

You’re body is a temple or at least a Lamborghini by Scott Umberger

Quote of the Week:

“The #1 rule in investing is don’t loose money. Rule #2- Refer back to rule #1.”

– Warren Buffet. Owner of Berkshire Hathaway & probably the greatest investor of our time. He was the 2nd richest man in the world (until he gave Bill Gate’s foundation $40+ billion)


In my first post I talked about several areas of athletic ability. If you missed it, here were my comments about strength…

  • Strength is #1. Get stronger… do the exercises listed below and you will be faster and a better athlete. What is strong? Reasonably strong is 50+ good push ups, 20+ pull ups, parallel squatting 2x your body. Once you are reasonably strong you can progress into plyometrics and explosive movements. In the meantime learn to decelerate and accelerate first. Learn how to land when jumping. That’s a place to start. If you can’t slow down correctly then you can’t accelerate.

Here’s the thing about strength, you have to earn it. Much like creating wealth, you must save your money over time and allow it grow (see quote). It isn’t rocket science, it really isn’t. Strength isn’t rocket science either. Both take a tremendous amount of discipline.

Strength is obtained over the course of years not days. You can’t take weeks off from training and expect to make consistent gains. Off season is a time to get strong and fix any issues/injuries that you may have experience during the season. Strength is to be maintained throughout the season.

So where does this leave you? Weak? HA! Lets hope not.

My point in all of this is that strength is something that you have to commit too. It has to be part of your game. You work on lacrosse skills and your train your body. It’s not all lacrosse and it’s not all lifting and running. There has to be a balance with lacrosse as there needs to be balance in life.

Get Jacked! w/ Strength Coach Scott Umberger

I’ll discuss specifics in what needs to been done in the gym in the next post but you must understand that it involves commitment that few want to make.

More importantly than the skill and conditioning is your ability to eat correctly. If you aren’t a heifer, you need to eat more. I’m not talking perfect but better than what you are doing now. Every athlete that I talk to eats perfect-or so they tell me. Are you eating 3-4,500 calories a day? Are you getting 1-1.25 grams of protein per pound of body weight? You’re wasting your money on some hot NO2 product that some jackass bodybuilders think works. Guess what? Supplements don’t work on calorie/nutrient deficient athletes.

Can’t put on weight? Eat more! Can’t loose weight? Put the pop tarts and soda down chubby! If you want to perform like a Lambo, treat yourself like one and eat correctly!

Get Jacked! w/ Strength Coach Scott Umberger

Scott Umberger is the owner of Umberger Performance and can be reached through his website or email at

Scott has worked with high school, college (athletes from 20 different NCAA schools), and professional athletes(MLL, NHL-ECL, MLB, CHL, NFL, NBA, World Championship Games, and Arena Football I & II), 3 All-Americans (track, swimming, hockey), a Biletnikoff Trophy Winner (top DI Football Receiver), 2 Hobe Baker Trophy Finalist-top 3 and top 10 (Heisman Trophy of College Hockey), a top 10 NCAA scorer in Men’s Hockey, a member of the USA U-22 Woman’s Team, FINA Master World Championship Qualifying Swimmer, current Olympic Hopeful Javelin Thrower, ECAC/IC4A qualifying track hurdler.