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Get JACKED! with Coach Scott UmbergerThis Week’s GET JACKED! – What do all of the teams competing for championships right now have in common? Sacrifice. Get ready because the blood, sweat, and tears are only starting.  It’s never too early to prepare for a productive off-season.  Dedicate yourself to getting better and next year you will be the one holding that trophy instead of hanging out on your couch.



Off-Season Sweat is the Cologne of Accomplishment







Off-Season Sweat is the Cologne of Accomplishment


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“Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on.”
– Henry Rollins

With the exception of the NBA playoffs, I love sports right now. All of the college baseball and softball teams are trying to get into the tourney or are preparing to win a national championship. The lacrosse tourney has just started and already we’ve seen some big games. The NHL playoffs are going on and they have been bad ass to say the least. How about the Red Wings getting screwed on a goal that went in then come back? The persevered and will go up in the series 3-2 this afternoon. That’s what a winning team is all about. Being from Pittsburgh, the Pirates make me want to puke. They make big money but they won’t invest in the team. 15 years of losing??? WFT! But I digress…

All of the teams that will have success in this post season are the ones that have put the time in.Is this you?All of the teams that will have success in this post season are the ones that have put the time in. They invested! Is there any doubt the Syracuse, Duke, UNC, etc. bust there butts in the off-season? It’s what you do all summer that prepares you for fall ball. Fall ball raises your level of skill and conditioning which prepares you for battle come spring.

The summer is the time when you get strong and increase your skill level. If you become a better athlete that gains some lacrosse skill you will be a better player. To many hockey players don’t understand that. They think that skating 4-5 days a week going at 50% during those sessions will make them better. Wrong! Don’t be like them. I wrote about this and Dan Kerch (RMU) in a previous post check it out there.

What you are doing to become better? How are you pushing yourself? Are you even close to puking up a lung? Even if you think that my training methodologies are crap and you are doing your own thing, are you pushing hard enough at what you are doing? Are you working past your perceived limits? We all have limits which are self imposed. As a coach, that’s where I earn my money. Even with my own lifting, I want to train with people that are stronger than me. I need to be pushed, especially when I don’t feel 100%.

RJ ripping a shot against WashingtonRJ ripping a shot against WashingtonSet up a schedule for yourself and stick to it. Below is what I set up a few summers ago for RJ Umberger when he was still with the Philly Flyers. I’ve never shown this to anyone other then RJ and I. This is the first 4 weeks of the summer. I’ve changed things up a bit working on more GPP the first few weeks, which he had already done up to that point in the summer. We adjusted to the schedule to our lives but we stuck with everything that was on it. The Hockey Skills I & II are drills that we did in under an hour. He also completed 250 shots per session from various spots shooting at a laser pointer that I would randomly move.

You will be hard pressed to find anyone who works harder than RJ. Is it a wonder why he has consistently gotten better each year? He also is one of the best players in the league during the playoffs. RJ scored 3 goals in 4 games against the Red Wings this year. Take in mind that going into this season, RJ signed a 4 year $3.75 million per year contract. I will also add the 2008 summer made this schedule look easy. In 08-09, he had 26 goals which placed him 52nd in the league in goals out of 720 players. Not bad considering that he plays in a very defensive system under Coach Hitchcock.

Where are your priorities?Where are your priorities?He’s already made it and he still works this hard. But you haven’t made crap yet. What are you willing to sacrifice to not only make it to the next level, but to excel once you make it? There isn’t much time in RJ’s off season schedule for golfing and pissing off. Consider that his in-season schedule is 8 months long with 82 games during that time… there isn’t much time to fluff off working out this hard.

Are you the guy that goes out with friends and skips a workout on a weekend night? Or are you the guy that trains FIRST and then hits the shower to meet  your friends ? We’re talking about a few hours here people.

Champions sacrifice! Losers watch them compete from the couch at home or they’re the lardass at the bar talking about how they got screwed by some official or some coach 30 years ago.


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