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GET JACKED! this week (part 2) – In a special 2nd post this week, Scott Umberger discusses getting country strong by lifting everything around you.  Read it then get ready to grab that washing machine and start lifting!


Scott Umberger discusses getting country strong by lifting everything around you




Strongman Training For Lacrosse


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“Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.”
– Napoleon Hill



I was inspired by a video that I watched yesterday outlining Charles Poliquin’s philosophy and training at one of his facilities in Chi-town. Charles’s book “The Poliquin Principles” was the first book on Strength Training that I ever read and got me addicted right off the bat. This video was about Ice Hockey training and what some of their guys were doing in the off-season.

I believe you have my stapler.But you play lacrosse so what does this have to do with you? Well, are you an athlete? Would getting stronger make you a better athlete? Would being a better athlete make you a better lacrosse player? The answer to all of those questions is a resounding YES!

If you answered “no” to any of those questions you better call the golf team Chief, ’cause you might have a chance at being a scratch golfer when you’re a working stiff stuck in Office Space world!

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Poliquin’s guy doing strong man lifts. Why? Not too many coaches use them. Most “speed guys” and so-called strength coaches are weak as shit and are afraid of strongman stuff themselves. Charles has maintained his belief in strength and practices what he preaches. One of his athletes even commented that they don’t do foot quickness stuff. WOW! No kidding, and you actually got stronger, quicker, and more explosive without foot quickness drills.. huh???
See my recent “GET JACKED!” post about speed ladders for my thoughts on that fluff.

What is strongman training?

What is it? Turn on ESPN and you’ll see very large men competing in Strongman Competitions. The actual training can be done on a variety of implements. In my opinion, strongman training for athletes can be comprised of any one of the following and many variations:

Log Press, log clean and press, farmers walk, tire flipping, tire dragging, tire pushing war, stone carries, sand bag carries, sand bag lifts, tug of war, sled dragging, sled pushing, sled hammer hits, keg carries, keg toss, overhead keg lunges, fire hose slams, stone carries, stone/rock throws, Rickshaw carries, car pushing or pulling, wheel burrow walks, and car or sled rowing to name a few.

Strongman: The Keg CarryStrongman: The Keg Carry

Strongman: tire flippingStrongman: tire flipping


Strongman: sand bag carriesStrongman: sand bag carries








Many of the things listed here can be made very easily.

Think construction. Get 2, 5 gallon buckets from Home Depot and fill them up with concrete, rocks, water- whatever and walk. How far? Until it hurts, then keep going. Rest a few minutes and keep going some more.

Think about it. It’s universally known that farm boys are pretty strong. They don’t have weights to lift and they don’t need them! They get it done on the farm baby! (Get your mind out of the gutter) They lift bails of hay, shovel, dig, pick, carry pigs, carry grain, and heifers.

Sets and reps?

Try something. Mix it up. I can’t give you a good barometer for set/reps because it can be so random and varied depending on what you are using. For example, tire flips. How heavy is your tire? A friend of mine flips a 750 lb tire regularly. At a strongman contest, he couldn’t flip a 450 lbs tire because of how thick the tire was and how hard it was to grip. Are you 18 years old weighting 200 lbs and jacked or are you a 14 year old that is just starting out?


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