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GET JACKED! with Coach Scott Umberger This Week’s GET JACKED! The dedication and sacrifice needed to become a champion also means you have to be a little crazy….maybe even a little delusional in the head. Winners fight and claw when any sane person would quit. It’s time to learn what it takes. Come on up and get down with the sickness.



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Earn It Everyday


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Edwin Louis ColeWe cannot become responsible for success until we are first willing to become responsible for failure
Edwin Louis Cole


This week, I feel compelled to talk about the Robert Morris University Lacrosse Team. I have spent the last two year with the seniors and their season came to an end on Saturday with a win against Sacred Heart. Compared to Syracuse, Virginia, or John Hopkins standards they did not have a great season.

Most of you probably have very little respect for the RMU program because, well lets be honest, they were brutal and have only been around for a few years. They finished the year 9-7 that included a huge win over PSU. Those outside of the RMU campus don’t understand is how much different the team was this season. They played with UNC for 90% of the game. They played with Hofstra, Villanova, Towson, OSU, and Delaware. Last year those games would have been blowouts with the opponents getting the freshies some PT after half time.

The team theme was “Earn It Everyday” and they did that. The so called “back ups” practiced hard everyday and pushed the older players. In return everyone got better and everyone received playing time. In the weight room, they worked hard because with 45 players, they had to fight for playing time. These men fought week in amd week out while still being college students.

“Luck is when opportunity meets preparation”I study the best. Why? Because the best they do more than every other genetic freak sacrificed more than every other athlete to become the best. Who? Michael Jordan, Lance Armstrong, Ted Williams, Tiger Woods, Jerry Rice and maybe Pete Sampras… There isn’t much of an argument as to who is the best is there? With Mario Lemieux and Gretzky there is a 6 month argument in my opinion. With Lebron and Kobe there’s a 5 day argument.

To me, it’s very clear what separates the greats. When Jordan won a title, he was on the court the following day. Tiger did the same thing after the Masters, up early and on the tee.

“Luck is when opportunity meets preparation”

Read that again… If you prepare, it’s a not a miracle that great things happen. If you prepare, you get rewarded! Understand that this is not an automatic thing now. Don’t expect 2 weeks of hard work to turn your life around. The difference between the best and some guy with a lot of talent is the sickness… I call it a sickness because they are freaking nuts. They will stop at nothing to be the best. Other won’t make the sacrifice and they simply waste “gift”! They don’t skip workouts to go to the movies. They meet up with friends after the workout.

“Earn It Everyday Boys!” Make no mistake, greatness is earned! Greatness is a lifestyle! You live in the greatest country in the world, go get yours! As an added bonus, the greats get hot woman too… Insert the whole “winners & prom queen quote”..

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