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Get JACKED! with Coach Scott UmbergerThis Week’s GET JACKED! – Sometimes it’s about more than just strength and conditioning.  In this week’s post, Scott Umberger talks about the training that needs to happen between your ears.  Let’s discuss outworking the competition. Let’s chat about “win or go home ” because it’s playoff time in LaxNation. Where will amazing happen this year?


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Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.
Napoleon Hill


In last weeks blog, I got a little intense. I shared thoughts on what I’ve discovered in my study of success. My studies of “the best” regarding those that have reached the peak in their field are the exception not the norm. Even if it is subject that I could care less about (art, Broadway, etc.) there is something to be learned from every leader in their field.




Thus far I have screwed up so many times that if you put my screw ups together they could make the numerous volumes of the tax code look like a Dr. Seuss Book.

My cousin RJ Umberger had his world blow in the playoffs last year for the Philadelphia Flyers. Towards the end of the season, he was out for 2 weeks with a partially torn MCL. RJ came back with 2 games left and ended the season with a few points to finish with 50 on the year. Going into the playoffs after being injured is tough but he rebounded and got back on track.

His entire season was building for a playoff Philly playoff run. Then his world blew up. Right before the first playoff game, his coach decided to bump him down to the 4th line after playing on the 2nd all season. Needless to say that he was upset. I remember talking to him on the phone. Not a good call to say the least. He turned it into a positive and led his team to the Eastern Conference Finals against the Penguins. RJ after score against MontrealAfter the series ended with Philly loosing, RJ was 2nd in the league in goals, 3rd in points, and top 5 in +-. Not to bad for a guy that started the playoffs on the 4th line. He took drop kick to the balls and got up and bitch slapped his opponents in the playoffs.

Life isn’t what happens to you, it’s how you react!

An old football coach always told me to never get to high or to low. Confidence and Poise is the way of a leader! I was a great leader as a quarterback because didn’t get affected by stupid things. I remained calm in every situation and never lost control. How is the team supposed to react if our captain “the QB” is pissing down his leg? My influence was my dad and his leadership as an entrepreneur and as an old school mans man! I put in the work and the combination allowed for my strength in character. I was challenging myself on a regular basis in practice which caused pressure situations to not be as big a deal.

I’ve just made some “cocky” statements. I get it. I’m not anything special but I’ve won a ton of games in my athletic career. I prepared for situations that I wanted to be successful. My successes as well as my teammate success are a directed result of outworking our opponents and believing in each other.

I’m trying to draw a line for you to see what the difference is for you to achieve your goals and dreams. Sacrifice is being part of the team and being an athlete. Greatness and being a dreamer is really a sickness, an obsession.

What are your priorities? Make your dreams your priorities. Regardless of how hard things get, stay focused on keep fighting. If you want it bad enough it will be worth it. It’s about the struggle within the journey that we learn and grow as individuals.


Mine priorities are #1 Faith, #2 Family, #3 My business (training athletes and helping kids), #4 getting strong as shit!



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