Gilman School – 2009 National Champs


Laxpower recently named their 2009 de facto high school national champion, giving Gilman of Baltimore the honor for a second straight year.  The Greyhounds earned the title by putting together a 15-1 record in the brutal Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association and defeating Calvert Hall (Laxpower #15) in the state title game.

Considering the successful history of this program, it seems unfair that the only thing people on the western side of the country identify it with is the practice of frantically throwing the ball to the other side of the field.

Gilman Clear \ n. \ the goalie heaves the ball randomly into the offensive end from the crease area of the defensive end.
Laxicon: The Official Lacrosse Dictionary

Take a look at some highlights of the champs in action against Georgetown Prep:

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