Give Us Some Of That Wookiee Wookiee Fashion


The good ol’ USA isn’t the only place where custom gear is King.  Some guys down under put together the uniforms below and this happened a couple of years ago so maybe we’re not that far ahead.  Even though they’re a bit old, we just got the pictures last week so we obviously had to pass them on.  Simple, aggressive, enlightened and whimsical.  Pretty much perfection of the American standard.

Is that Lucas Ruglis of RPI and Buffalo Soldier fame?  Random but I know that dude.  Man, the lax world is a small one!

As an added bonus, check out the cleats all these guys are wearing in the pic below.  You see a lot of nubby turf style shoes and some soccer cleats.  Nothing heavy-duty, gridiron-style like you see here.  From playing in Australia, I can tell you it’s because their grass is nothing like grass in the northeast where football cleats are king. They tended to use Aussie Rules Football “boots” and these weird Asics trainers that are also very popular.  I think you’re seeing more American football cleats down there nowadays.