Giveaway Announcements: Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Connor Wilson Thailand Lacrosse Grow The Game
We've got some winners to announce!!!!
Connor Wilson Thailand Lacrosse Grow The Game
We've got some winners to announce!!!!

Before we jetted off to Thailand for the Grow The Game Invitational, we had dropped a couple of contests on you guys. Now that we’re back and almost fully recovered from the massive amount of jet-lag, we can bestow some swag on our lucky winners! Thanks for your patience!

We’ll get to the Stylin’ Strings Dye Contest soon, but for now we’re announcing the winner of a Warrior Evolution 3 (from the Warrior Riot Glove and Evo3 Review) and a sweet Thailand Lacrosse Shaft by 1Lacrosse (chosen from ALL of our Thailand posts).  As usual, the competition was fierce, and the comments in contention were excellent.  Only the best were considered, and if we weren’t laughing or saying, “hmmmmm” out loud, your chances weren’t great.  It’s all about quality over quantity and recycled humor here at LAS… so did you have what it takes?

The Warrior Evo3 Winner is… LaxKid227!!!!

It’s just so meta.  An easy choice, really.  Well done, LaxKid227.  Email us your address at!

Thailand Shaft by 1Lacrosse Winner is… Michael_4two3!!!!!!

It’s a simple comment, but a poignant one as well.  It doesn’t seem like China will focus on lacrosse until it is an Olympic Sport. That seems to be the way that sport is funded in the country, and without a “bigger” draw than the FIL World Championships, it seems unlikely that this sleeping giant will wake.  Maybe if teams like Japan, and the other newer Asian teams, start to see continued success, China will feel pressure to get involved.  But, at first glance, it seems like they are a pretty Olympics driven sporting model.  See?  That quick comment has us thinking already!

Email us your address at, Michael_4two3!

Thanks to all for participating.  Excellent work!  We hope you enjoyed the content and a chance to win some free gear.  Don’t despair, there is more to come!