GMODT’s Music Monday featuring Justice and NERD remixes


Alright, get ready and try to experience what I’m about to chirp in your lobes, it’s Get Mitch or Die Trying! Today’s lesson- remixes! A remix can be many things, but mostly it’s an excuse for someone to say “while this song currently goes to 10, I think I can give it that extra something that makes it go to 11“.

The two first two remixes were done by Justice, who myself and Mr. Blue Sky had the pleasure of seeing live. Only one of us had girls want to dance with them. The remix of “Electric Feel” by MGMT actually won a Grammy, and their remix of U2’s new single “Get On Your Boots” lets Bono superglue the phrase “sexy boots” into your brain. To finish things off we have NERD remixed by New York outfit DFA. Sexy Boots!