GMODT’s Music Monday Featuring Lee Fields & The Expressions


my-world-knucklesOh yeah, it’s that time again. Ring the bell, GMODT is in session. Today we have Lee Fields, an old-school soul singer in the save vein as James Brown, Otis Redding etc. His just released album “My World” is recorded in the spirit of those greats but also with an eye to a more current audience.

The music may be indebted to an early 70’s sound, but there are just enough modern flourishes to keep things interesting. As a recent review by Pitchfork Media put it:

There’s a subtle hint of hip-hop in this brand of deep soul, but for the most part, it sounds like something that easily could have come out of some imaginary mid-point between Stax, Muscle Shoals, and Philadelphia International in about 1971… (Full Review)


Lee Fields & the Expressions: My World [Pitchfork]