GMODT’s Music Monday Featuring Neon Indian

Alan Palomo of Neon Indian

Today we have the Austin by way of Brooklyn artist Alan Palomo and the band Neon Indian, which is gaining that all important “buzz” around certain music websites/blogs with the release of the album “Psychic Chasms”.

Sounds like an awesome name for a 60’s psychedelic compilation or something you’d come up with while riding around with Hunter S. Thompson in the desert.

This laid back, chilled out electro magic will have you reminiscing about the lazy summers of your youth…Pop these tracks into the cassette deck and chill out like its 1994′

Using a combination of cassettes, outdated analogue equipment and lo-fi production techniques, the sound of Neon Indian is certainly unique and sounds like a tribute to either underground 80’s dance music, analogue recording equipment or both.


You could listen to this music very intently and pick up some subtleties or as just good background music, it has a weird nostalgia to it that other reviewers have pointed at.

Quick note about all YouTube videos: make sure to always hit the HQ button if available!

This first track “Ephemeral Artery” is my early favorite.

Neon Indian – Deadbeat Summer (Fan Video)