GMODT’s Music Monday Featuring Quiet Village


You wanted the best, you got the best – It’s your weekly music post by GMODT! Today we have a group called Quiet Village, whose two sole members (Joel Martin and Matt Edwards) are big names in the DJ/dance music scene.

If you liked the songs from the Avalanches I posted a few weeks back, you should dig these guys. Just like the Avalanches, Quiet Village is “influenced by Italian film soundtracks, BBC library music, disco edits, acid rock, vintage soul and easy listening, they combine the most unlikely elements – bluesy guitar, chamber strings, air-raid sirens, shuffling breakbeats, even flutes and seagull cries – into an hour-long reverie with in soft focus.” So if your in the mood to relax to something a little different, here’s Quiet Village.

Broken Promises

Victoria’s Secret

Circus Of Horror


And just in case you feel like you’re stuck in a Quiet Village, here’s a little something else Striding Man wanted to throw into the mix: Lupe Fiasco with a few words about The Birds & The Bees. Enjoy…