GMODT’s Music Monday featuring the Yeah Yeah Yeahs


Yo, stop: GMODT time. I hope everyone had fun watching lacrosse tournaments and series deciding basketball games this weekend, and your ready to start off Monday right- on this website. On a side note, I have had the privilege of seeing into the future of this site, and let me tell you, it’s bright. Like, lens flare in the new “Star Trek” movie bright. Big things, people.


LAS is about to jump lightyears ahead of the competition. Set phasers to stunning!In the meantime, we can listen to songs off the new Yeah Yeah Yeah’s album “It’s Blitz!”. This New York band first broke out in the early part of this decade in the big rock revival going on at the same time with The Strokes, White Stripes etc. Usually this band has a heavy guitar sound but for this album the band decided to ditch the guitars and get very 80’s with some synthesizers. On paper this might sound like a bad idea, but the band makes it work. Here are the first two singles!