Go To The NY Lizards Game In NYC On Thursday!


Last Thursday evening I made the short trek over to Randall’s Island to take in the NY Lizards – Chesapeake Bayhawks game at Icahn Stadium. I obviously wanted to be a part of the first pro field game ever played in the Big Apple, but I was also curious to see what kind of support the NYC lacrosse community would give the MLL.

Unfortunately, the support just wasn’t there last week, and the hordes of kids that I KNOW play lacrosse in the area just didn’t show up. I’m hoping this week’s game will see MUCH better attendance!

Now, maybe the lack of turnout a week ago was due to the rain. It’s possible, as no one likes to take in a game and get soaked. At first glance, it looks like the weather could impact this week’s game too. But you know what? Icahn’s seating is COMPLETELY COVERED! That’s right, there is a huge roof over the seats at Icahn, and you can watch a game in the pouring rain, without getting wet at all. The concessions stands, bathrooms, and other amenities are also covered. Didn’t bring an umbrella, poncho, or rain jacket? NO PROBLEM. You’re dry as a bone.

It’s also possible that people didn’t come to the game because Randall’s Island is not serviced by that many great transportation options. Realistically speaking, one can get to Randall’s Island by bus, or by car. But this is how people in NYC travel anyway, so it’s not much of a stretch to think people would come. Parents who drive to CT and Westchester each weekend for youth games should be thrilled that they don’t even have to leave the City for this event. Car pools work on weekends, so they should work here too. For people without cars, the M35 bus does the job, and drops you off right in front of Icahn. Don’t want to take the bus because you’re scared of NYC busses? One could also take a cab to the game.

In the end, it’s just about whether or not people want to come out and catch an exciting professional game, and I’m really hoping that the NYC lacrosse community, MY lacrosse community, shows up in force this week. Kids can make it, families can make it, current high school players can make it, and all of the college lacrosse playing graduates living in NYC can make it. I’m hoping that they do!

If just seeing a pro game wasn’t enough to spur you to attend this week’s game, maybe the news that a portion of ticket sales will go to Harlem Lacrosse, to help fund their program, will get you invested. It’s Harlem Lacrosse Appreciation Night! Want to watch the Harlem guys play? Well, they take the field before the MLL guys do, so get there early!

If you haven’t bought a ticket yet, get on it now. This is the second, and last pro field lacrosse game in NYC this season, and if we don’t show, the MLL might not come back for years. If that happens, we have no one to blame but ourselves.


  1. I’ll definitely be there just like last week but i believe the the bayhawk’s thrashing of my Lizards had a huge impact on the crowd’s moral. You LAS guy’s planning on having some sort of meet up at the game? Maybe during FDA’s game or something cuz i was pretty lonely last game haha

  2. The problem with having the game at Randall’s Island is that it is a remote hard to get to location. I live in Staten Island and asked my dad if he wanted to come to the game with me. He said he would rather drive out to Long Island than go to Randall’s Island. I think they should play games at one of the college fields in NYC (Wagner, St. Johns, etc.) next year. I think that would definitely draw in a bigger crowd.