Gotham (NYC) Summer League Playoffs Continue


Last Thursday Southampton played in the first round of the playoffs in the Gotham Lacrosse League and dispatched the City Slickers who were seeded 5 slots higher than the boys in orange.  Donny Morrison was easily the MVP of the game with 15 saves to keep Southampton and 3 of your main contributors winning.    


Sturz takes it to the hopperThis Tuesday the platoffs continue with Southampton taking on Teamitup.  In action around the rest of the league, Bear/BofA beat down Barclays in a matchup of investment bank sponsored teams.  Bear/BofA will take on #2 seed Lightspeed Financial in the next round.  The biggest upset of the playoffs so far came as #13 Team Maxim beat #4 Sea of Green behind Jason Cappodorro’s 5 goals and 2 assists.  The Adeona Foundation took out Morgan Stanley in the first round and will face the #1 seeded Credit Suisse. 

Credit Suisse and Lightspeed both finished the season undefeated and are the favorites to win it all but every team left is fully capable of making a run at the championship.  It all depends on who shows up 9work takes precedent for the vast majority of the guys out there!) and how they play for an hour.  Teams with far less talent can win on hustle and luck unlike the college ranks where coaching and strategy are the real trump cards.  Attendance, face offs and good shooting continue to decide games.

shake em up after the W.The action continues at Columbia’s sports complex for the next couple of weeks as teams continue to pick each other off in the playoffs.  Wish us luck because as the competition improves we will need it more and more!