Grow The Game: Hawaii Lacrosse Video

Grow The Game Hawaii Lacrosse Promo Video

Some of us here at LAS wish that we had attended the Hawaii Lacrosse Invitational earlier this month, while others of us made it happen! Josh Rottman of Sweet Sweet Lax fame was there… He enjoyed playing lax, growing the game, and talking to some huge names about whether or not THEY Grow The Game… the results were all positive and 100% awesome!

You want Max Seibald, Brett Queener and Connor Martin? We got ’em. Guys, gals, and people from every nation under the Sun got in on this brand new Grow The Game lacrosse promo. It’s time to Grow The Game Hawaii style. Mahalo, Josh. Great work!

An even larger contingent of will be heading to Las Vegas this weekend, where our Grow The Game mission will continue.  Make sure to check back for a ton of killer video, photos, stories and more from Vegas in the coming weeks. What happens in Vegas gets broadcast to the entire lacrosse world. So behave boys!

Grow The Game Hawaii Lacrosse Promo Video