Hawaii Lax: What’s Good?

If you were in Hawaii, you'd be seeing this right now.
If you were in Hawaii, you'd be seeing this right now.

This is the 20th year of the Hawai’i Lacrosse Tournament and as always, it promises to be a good one!  Teams are brimming with talent all over, and the Iroquois are out there as well, finally getting to play some real games together!

The Iroquois are also putting on clinics, meeting with the local indigenous population and growing the game – all with the help of Nike, the title sponsor of the tourney.  It sounds like some pretty amazing bridges are being built, and I can’t wait to see if the growth of lax on the Islands really explodes because of this outreach.

The Iroquois Nationals will be there. What their new Nike uniforms will look like?

InsideLacrosse’s John Jiloty is out in Hawai’i for the entire weekend going to weddings, hiking mountain trails and being an all-around lax addict.  He has promised lots of pictures and updates and I can’t wait to see what he decides to show off.  If I don’t get out to Hawai’i next year, someone please shoot me.  It’s on my bucket list, so hopefully I live to see 31 and a half years old.

Hawaii is also a great to place to unveil new gear.  IL has a special Gear Zone post on the Wimmer and Crease Monkey jerseys, as well as new Warrior helmets that a bunch of guys will be wearing. Schweetness.

NEW Warrior dome for the Crease Monkey's. Very nice!

To further whet your appetite, I’ve included some video highlights of Hawai’i Tourneys of yesteryear.  Enjoy and get ready for some serious, sunny lax action in late October!

This is a video from 2006 that runs down the history of the tournament and what the vibe is like.  If you don’t know much about Hawai’i or the Invitational Tourney, this is a video well-worth watching.

2008 Hawai’i Championship highlights between Wimmer Solutions and the Crease Monkeys.  It looks like 2008 was an especially wet year, huh?  Nice field!

2006 Master’s highlights between the Crease Monkeys Silver and Essian.  Some good moves on these boys, even if some look like they’re happening in slow-mo.  The older fellas aren’t afraid to get physical!

And finally, 2009 semifinal highlights featuring the Crease Monkeys and Wimmer Solutions.  Again.

The weather in 2009 looked unreal.  Okay, I REALLY need to get out there in 2011. It may not be the most competitive tourney around (only 2 or 3 teams have a real shot at winning), but it still looks like a blast.

Hopefully, we’ll be sent some dispatches from an operative at the tourney, and we’ll make sure to get those up as quickly as we get them!  Finally, I’m proud to say that Mike Gialanella’s Rainbow Marble Dye will be raffled off at the tourney this year! Very nice of Battlelax and Mike to get involved.