Help Fund Morgan State Lacrosse!


The Morgan State Lacrosse Club has joined Zen, Lacrosse, and the Art of Stringing as our next big fundraiser! Morgan State is trying to raise $5,000 this year, which will directly go towards making this year their best season yet, and they need YOUR help to make it happen!

Check out this video from Vance Brinkley, the President of the Morgan State Lacrosse Club, to learn a little bit more about this opportunity:

Morgan State needs help for some really basic items like transportation, referee fees, and new jerseys. They are also looking to get new, safer helmets, as many of their current helmets are a couple years old, and head protection is paramount. Helmets also present the largest barrier to entry to new players at Morgan, especially those (like Vance) who had never played the sport before getting to MSU.

Morgan State is trying to Grow The Game, and we think it’s definitely something worth supporting!


Of course, if their mission wasn’t enough, to help entice you to give, The Bears have come up with a great list of rewards for gift givers, which can be seen on their fundraising page. The gifts range from stickers and T-shirts, to a trip with the team to the HBCU tournament, to being a team sponsor. There are a couple of ways to get involved, and every one of them will make a huge difference!

Check out Morgan State’s Fundraising page, and help them make 2013 a year to remember, and the stepping stone towards bigger and better things!