Help Wanted: Bayswater Lacrosse Club, Australia

Ledge point to Lancelin Sail boat race!

Do you LOVE Lax?

Bayswater Lacrosse Club Western Australia
The Bayswater LC

How about the beach?

Cottesloe Beach. Legendary.

And do you like traveling?


What about partying?

The Deen.

For further Partying proof – go to Youtube and enter Australian Bar Party.  The night life is… lively.

The boys at the Bayswater Lacrosse Club in Western Australia are gearing up for a big 2011 season. Preseason has been running for around a month now in the scorching heat of a Perth Summer, and we are looking to add a couple of international players to help our team challenge for the Lacrosse WA State league Championship.

Our season starts in May, but we can accommodate graduating seniors looking to fill their summer travel bug with the playoffs running through September. We can offer you accommodation and work Growing the Game in our local elementary and high schools. All you need are some Lax skills.

Now, when you think Club lacrosse, the first thing that springs to mind is the MCLA – I won’t mention their polls (Editor’s note: 412 thanks you), or Summer Travel Teams (Editor’s note: Connor thanks you), but our clubs downunder are a little different.

The BLC has recently celebrated its 70th anniversary, and has men’s and women’s teams in every age group from Under 13 through to Seniors. We have our own clubhouse with changerooms, weight room, function room and a Bar. Our facilities are the best in Australia and are currently undergoing a new renovation putting in an elevator, upgrading the change rooms and putting in a huge balcony on the Clubhouse so that you have somewhere to watch the games in close proximity to the bar.

We have a great squad with a mix of youth and experience.  Most of the boys have been playing together for at least 5 years, and with a couple of the older players they have been in the same team for the last 15 years.

Of course the big kicker is also the End of Season trip we take up to Lancelin which is a chance for all the boys to get together celebrate the season and party it up.

Ledge point to Lancelin Sail boat race!

Only players with Tigers Blood and Adonis DNA need apply.  If you’re interested in coming down let me know through or in the comments section, and if you’re a coach, please print this out and post it next to your practice plan on the whiteboard. This is the trip of a lifetime, if you want any further proof just read some of Mr. Wilson’s stuff – he was down here a decade ago and is still talking about it.