Hi-Def MABLL Championship Game Footage – Legion Of Doom Vs Militia


Michael Britt posted this video on our facebook wall and I’m going to pretty much let it stand on its own.  I argued that US Youth Box Lacrosse is improving, and Jeff Matheson gave the old counterpoint, and said things were still the same.  Then SwankLax and I got into a serious discussion on Twitter and all hell broke loose.  Now we have 40 Minutes of MABLL action from the Mid-Atlantic area.

The MABLL has been around for years and is a training ground for a number of NLL hopefuls each year.  The quality of American talent is relatively high lacrosse-wise, and the box action seems to get better year over year.  It’s far from the NLL or MSL, but it’s not bad and getting better.  So I still think US Box Lacrosse is making huge strides.  They might not be perfect strides, but they are in the right direction!

MABLL Metro Area Box Lacrosse LEague


  1. Great to see Sr. aged guys in the US playing box (in this case more on the “indoor side” with the lack of cross-checking on-ball. The level of play looks to be on the Sr. C side in comparison to Canadian ranks. The facility looks awesome and I have always like the Legion of Doom uni’s.

    Canadian Listing of Sr Box Lacrosse
    Sr. A (OLA Major Series, WLA)
    Sr. B (OLA Sr B, West Coast Sr B, Alberta, Can-Am, Quebec, Iroquois)
    Sr. C (British Columbia)

  2. First, thanks for the posting of the video.  As you can see on MABLLtv on YouTube, we have videotaped for years but the quality is much better now.  It’s amazing how people love to watch themselves play.  Mike is our newest team captain with the Banditos and has done a hell of a job building a quality team.

    This game was unusually “tame” as these are typically the higher skilled teams in the league.  This was also just a regular season game so the intensity was not quite as high.

    Many of the guys in the MABLL have experience in NLL, Canada, USIL and other higher level leagues and 3 guys in this game were drafted for the NALL.  The biggest challenge with American guys with regards to playing “real” box, is that they are not used to cross-checking off-ball.  It’s 100% legal in our league as we play by CLA rules except for the face-off modifications.  Our mid-level teams actually play a bit more physical because they have to.

    As one of the oldest leagues on the East Coast, we have through tons of changes over the years but our core concept has been to play as close to “real” box as possible and play on the “edge”.  The fundamental issue we have is facilities.  There just are simply not enough “good” facilities to use.  This is an inline hockey rink so we can play full contact with the proper insurance (not USL).

    We plan to expand our league starting next summer to include all levels.  We have great respect for the Cali Lax program and what Shaydon Santos has done with those kids.  He and I compare notes a lot.  As an American who grew up in Baltimore playing the field game and then switching to the box game 25+ years ago, my journey has been very different that a Canadian who grew up in Whitby playing the box game.  One of the struggles we will face in dealing with the TONS of off-season club tournaments that kids of ALL ages participate in during the summer.  We are looking forward to developing a program that will eventually lead to a US-based “Minto Cup” championship down the road.

    Thanks and keep an eye out for more videos!!

    Marty Joyner
    Metro Area Box Lacrosse League
    Washington, DC