High School Lacrosse: 4 OT Game Winner And Screaming Ensues

McDowell Cathedral Prep Erie Lacrosse high school

Getting the game winner in the fourth overtime period of a lacrosse is obviously cause for celebration, and especially when it comes off a full-field transition play where 4 to 5 great passes get strung together.  Cathedral Prep recently beat their crosstown rivals, McDowell, 8-7 in the 4th OT period of their game, and we have the goal for you to check out.

McDowell Cathedral Prep Erie Lacrosse high school

It’s certainly a beauty of a team goal, and an exciting way to end a great game, but we’re just a little distracted by the screaming fan after the goal.  People in Erie, PA really love their lacrosse!

That’s just a perfect string of good passes, resulting in a fantastic game winner.  No big deal.  That’s how you lax, people!

The whole game seems pretty entertaining, and if you want full highlights, well we have those too!

Love the highlights!  Great work overall with the video!  Shout out to Alan Hilling, and independent insurance agent, who loves lax evidently.  Works for us!

Erie Cathedral Prep now sits at 3-1 with wins over McDowell-Erie, Moon Area and Fairview.  Their only loss came at the hands of Chagrin Falls out of Ohio.  McDowell is 3-5 with wins over Fairview, Indiana Area and Vincentian Academy.  I love the names of the teams in this part of the country!  Moon Area?  Chagrin Falls, Ohio?  Just awesome.

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