“Hit and Run” lacrosse move


Crafty cheap shot by the little guy but what happens at the very end?!?  If you’re going to pull that ballsy move there has to be a more graceful exit strategy, right? Sheesh. I think that guy is STILL running away.

Great video and story from Barstool Sports

More background on the story behind the video after the jump.


 Hi Barstool,

I have copied a link to a video that might or might not be interesting. However, it hasn’t seemed to wear off of me yet. My buddyDave who attends Gay U. had to make a video for some stupid BC class.So he basically brought footage of his senior year in high school fromthe Nobles/Milton game when he upended a kid with about two seconds tospare on the clock. As you can see he lacks all intentions to defendhimself and instead ran into the gym with the kid chasing him. I likeDave, I really do- but I guess I just lack some loyalty? So if nothingelse, you get to see someone bury someone else and then the initial
part of the ensuing chase. Whatever.

Have a good weekend,


This video is hilarious. The only thing I don’t get is why would this kid Dave ever show this to anybody? I mean it doesn’t exactly make him look like Sir Lancelot. My guess is he probably freely admits it was a total scumbag move and now laughs about it. But I bet that other kid ain’t laughing. He’s still probably trying to hunt him down. Been to every city in Mexico. Came across an unclaimed piece of meat in Baja. Found one of his passports to Sumatra, missed him by about a week at Fiji….

Anyway time to vote…

1 for it’s not that bad and 10 for this is the most cowardly move of all time