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Editor’s note: We asked the guys over at Overtime Media to give us a rundown on the best movie scenes to watch before a big game. Their product HomeField gives players and coaches instant access to game videos, so we trust their expertise. These scenes make you want to run through a brick wall…

When it comes time to prep for Gameday, a little extra inspiration never hurts.  Sometimes you find that inspiration in that disgusting pair of “lucky” game socks you haven’t washed all season; other times, you might need some cinematic assistance.  With that in mind, we present to you a few essential movie scenes that can effectively get you fired up just before Gametime.  And seriously, wash your socks, you rugrats.

Honorable Mention – Major League:  “There’s Only One Thing Left to Do”
Jake, you said it partner.  Be a champion today.

5. Rocky IV:  “The Training Montage”

Look, the key here is, advanced training equipment and steroids cannot help you.  Specifically if you’re going up against a pissed off Rocky Balboa.  But the real force behind this scene is Vince DiCola’s “Training Montage” track in the background.  If synthesizers and a bearded Sly Stallone don’t pump you up, we don’t know what will.

4. 300: “The First Battle”

Click here to watch.

Give them nothing, but take from them, everything.  Words to live by.  As a side note, “Come and get them!” (or, Molon Labe) is part of the emblem of the Greek First Army Corps, and represents the Army’s defiance to surrender.  Now, if only we could all have beards and abs like Leonidas…

3. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome:  “The Thunderdome Battle”

Very simple: 2 MEN ENTER, 1 MAN LEAVES!

2. Snatch : “Mickey vs. Gorgeous George”

There’s a 2-pronged message to this clip:  1. A classic version of “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”; and 2. As Mickey says, “You stay until the job is done”.  Never underestimate your opponent, even if he’s a skinny, tatted-up drunk and you can’t understand one damn word he says.  Finish strong.

1. Pulp Fiction: “Ezekiel 25:17”

“You were saying something about, best intentions?”  This is the ultimate vengeance clip.  If you’ve got a revenge game coming up, watch this.  Nothing like good scripture and Samuel L. yelling to strike fear in the souls of your enemies (i.e. people that think Marsellus Wallace is a bitch).

If that doesn’t do it for ya, try this. No words.

About the authors: As former D1 lacrosse players from Brown, Syracuse and Villanova, the guys over at Overtime Media know what teams need to take their game to the next level. That’s why they created HomeField, a powerful web application that gives your team a competitive advantage when discussing and exchanging game film.

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  1. These are way better than the same two scenes from Braveheart I was forced to watch before high school football that apparently were supposed to pump me up. Rocky taking it to the Reds, gets my motor running a lot more than guys with blue makeup and skirts.