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Editor’s Note: Please welcome Jordan West-Pratt back to LAS! Jordan wrote about the German team in 2010 for the World Games, and now he’s back on the international lacrosse scene helping out in Hong Kong. Check out his update on Hong Kong lacrosse below…


The Hong Kong Lacrosse Association has the mission to promote the sport of lacrosse to the public in Hong Kong. The Association was established in 1993 and is the governing body of lacrosse in Hong Kong. The Association is a full member of the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) and has gained international recognition for its successes at the World Lacrosse Championships in Perth Australia (2002), in London Ontario, Canada (2006), and most recently in Manchester England (2010).

HK Pole

The Hong Kong Lacrosse Association will once again be competing on the world stage in 2014, in Denver, Colorado, for the upcoming World Championships.HK Thai 2010

I am really excited to be acting as interim coach for the team. We are still entertaining the idea of bringing in some outside coaching expertise, and if anyone is interested they should contact our Lacrosse Director, Louis Hou (Louis Hou – [email protected]).

Louis Hou GM

Our first camp is coming up in March, we have over 70 players registered for that camp, and those are all players living, working and playing in Hong Kong. We will run three groups, staggered practices, with an emphasis on skill development in the morning, and evaluation in the evening. All groups will have two win HKLAx

We hope to trim the roster to 40 players before the ASPAC games this summer in Beijing. We would love to take two teams to this regional tournament, test some groupings, and evaluate players’ ability to learn schemes, and make adjustments at game speed. We will reduce the roster to 30 players after the summer, and spend much of next year putting the offense, defense, and special schemes in place for the tournament.HK outside shooter

It is a pleasure to be working with such a dedicated group of players and coaches out here. 2014 will see the strongest, most balanced Hong Kong squad yet.

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