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Hot Pot: I Should Have Gone D1


I should have gone D1.

Or maybe I’m just having a major case of gear envy….

To be honest, the words “I should have gone D1” should never come out of my mouth. I had a great experience playing D3 lacrosse, and attending school at Wesleyan truly opened up my mind. Also, I really wasn’t that good.

If given the chance to make a deal with the devil, and go back to change my choice, I wouldn’t take it… at least on most days, and my minutes played will always thank me for that.

However yesterday, after seeing this photo on Twitter, I almost changed my mind:

Just look at all that equipment. Must be nice! It may seem silly, but stuff like this really does make me pause and ruminate, “what if…

The draw of top notch free gear, playing on ESPNU, and being discussed online and in print (even by sites like this one!) is real. If it impacts me, it definitely impacts some of the kids of today. I’m not saying this is automatically bad, but it is something to keep an eye on, especially if you are a coach or parent.

As the manufacturers and colleges unveil all their 2013 gear, I’m sure we’ll continue to salivate over it, and there is nothing intrinsically wrong with that. However, I hope that we continue to have a conversation around recruiting, and kids finding the best fit for themselves, regardless of bells and whistles.

There are so many college choices out there, and a good number of them offer great lacrosse. D1 lacrosse will always have the biggest draw, as it is the pinnacle of the sport at the college level, but don’t be swayed by the gear, or the TV coverage. Don’t get caught up in the hype. Find the right school for YOU, and it will all work out. Even then you’ll get to wear stuff like this:

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