Hot Pot Of Lax: Let’s Play Trivia!


This week’s Hot Pot is all about Trivia!

While hanging out with the Easton Lacrosse crew in Denver, the ever-inquisitive Mike Powell broached the subject of TRIVIA, and between the group of powerful minds we had assembled, and some shameless borrowing from friends, a set of great trivia questions was stumbled upon. Write these down, they’re sure to score you some points some day.

– Name three sports you have to play right-handed.

– Name Four places whose proper names always include the word “the”. I’ll give you one example: The Bronx. No one ever just says “Bronx”.

– Name three Olympic Sports where men and women compete head to head. Name the ONE Olympic sport which gives out a single individual gold medal between men AND women.

You can answer the trivia in the comments if you think you’ve got the answer. We’ll be sure to provide the answers in next week’s Hot Pot!



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Let’s check in on some Ivy Leaguers! Harvard. Do it to it.

Videos like the one above is good for Harvard, and any other elite level program. For a lower level program looking to make moves? It could be great. Hint, hint.


  1. I think I have most (but not all of the answers)

    I know Polo bans you from playing left-handed, but I don’t know of any other sports where you the rules state play the sport right-handed.  Lacrosse rules don’t allow you to face-off left-handed, but you can (and should use) your left in all other aspects of the game.

    I happen to live near one: The Woodlands, TX
    The Bronx, NY
    The Forks, ME
    The Hague, Netherlands
    You could also have a lot of Spanish named cities, i.e. Los Angeles, CA or Las Vegas, NV

    Any of the horse-riding events, couples figure skating and couples badminton have both men and women competing together; I think the horse-riding events give out the single gold medal between the two sexes.