Hot Pot Of Lax: Quint LOVES November Training!

This has to be Quint's child, right?
This has to be Quint's child, right?

Over on Inside Lacrosse, Quint Kessenich recently posted an article about Training In November, and how this month can make all the difference for you in the Spring.  Quint couldn’t be more correct!  Although December is an especially trying time as well!  So maybe it’s more of a two month oath… but the point stands!  This week’s Hot Pot is all about Pre-Preseason training.  RIGHT NOW!

Fall lacrosse is great, and it’s easy to get excited about.  The weather is nice, you’re back on campus after Summer break, and everyone wants to get back out on the field to play some lax.  But once November rolls around, a lot of guys start to stay indoors more because of the weather, and the eventual end of fall ball.  Quint says that this portion of the year therefore requires the most dedication and self-discipline from the players, and he’s absolutely right about that.

I remember certain players would look great in the fall when I played in college, and then come back for the Spring semester worse than they had entered the fall.  Over the summer they had been active at the very least, so the transition to fall lacrosse was easy.  But over the winter, some guys would slip badly.  They would stop leaving the house to go for runs because it got cold, they played lax less, and they started eating poorly… and that was all before the Holidays!

Basically, guys who had worked so hard over the Summer and Fall lost it all in the span of a month and half.  So if there is one oath you take this year, make it Quint’s November Oath, and you just might find yourself having your best college season ever.

Of course we have a couple of points to add his list, and although they may seem silly, in the end, they’ll help:

– Don’t allow cheese to become 50% of your diet.  You wouldn’t think I’d have to say this, but I’ve seen it happen.  Too much cheese is a killer.

– Find a training partner who doesn’t live with you.  This forces you to schedule things, and may help motivate other lacrosse players you live with.  Or find a training partner whose sport starts before yours does, that way you’re already in pre-season training mode.

– Set goals, and aim to exceed them.  Tell yourself you’ll run 3 times a week, EVERY week.  Then try to do more.

– Make it personal.  Find a way to get your motivation up that isn’t just about playing time.  Make it a personal mission to succeed.

– Ask for help.  If you’re going to be in charge of your own destiny, you need to know what will help you get to where you want to go.  Never hesitate to ask for guidance or help from coaches, trainers, strength coaches, teammates or other athletes at the school.

Do all that, follow Quint’s Oath list, and you just might have your best season ever in 2012!

One last question… is Quint really working out 6 times per week?  If so, he needs to start playing again!  FACT!


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