Hot Pot Of Lax: Rest In Peace, Andrew Romando

Andrew Romando heading to the goal.

We were alerted to a story recently that literally brought us to tears. A promising young lacrosse player, Andrew Romando, lost his life when tragedy struck his family from within. The details are still emerging, but the loss that the local Virginia community, in Albemarle County, is feeling is more than evident. Our thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who knew Andrew, or any of the Romando family.

Andrew Romando heading to the goal.

In the face of this tragedy and loss, Andrew’s teammates have decided to keep his memory alive, and we fully support their desire to keep Andrew with them on the field, and in their hearts.

Andrew’s team wants to get custom bags with Andrew Romando’s name on them, and since there is a contest being run by Jensen Lee right now, they are vying for that option. So do us a favor, do Andrew’s teammates a favor, and LIKE their photo on Facebook. We want to help these guys keep Andrew’s memory alive… and hopefully, this little piece of equipment with Andrew’s name on it can help their community begin to heal in some small way.



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