Hot Pot Of Lax: The Best Heads You Ever Had

old lacrosse heads

If you started playing lacrosse in the 1980’s or 1990’s and/or you carry a sincere appreciation for old school lax gear, then you’re going to be heaven when you click the link below.

If you’re a youngin or you’re new to the game, prepare for a history lesson and don’t hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity you’re about to read about.

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The Last Great Stockpile of Old-School Lacrosse Heads?

The Sports Outfit in Syracuse, NY sounds like something straight out of this 1980s laxer’s dreams. Surely this can’t be right… they have 1980s and 1990s lax heads in stock? On the Web? What year is this? Superlight IIs, Sams, Hi-walls, Turbos, Shotguns, Lightnings… Am I dreaming? Nope.

retro old school lacrosse heads stx brine
1980's lacrosse heads at 1980's prices.



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