Hot Pot Of Lax: The Boston Blazers Blunder


If you’ve not yet heard about the PG-13 dance moves performed during the Boston Blazers vs. Edmonton Rush halftime show on Saturday night, let me help keep you informed.

First, read this “Public Statement from Blazers President & GM Doug Reffue” which was published yesterday on the Boston Blazers’ Facebook page. He sure seems sorry about something, doesn’t he? A tad bit disappointed too.

Reading that, one can only assume that their whole entire plan for the halftime show went awry. GMs of established professional sports organizations don’t usually make apologetic public statements on Sunday afternoons just for fun.

What on earth caused him to feel so sorry, you ask? See for yourself:

Now here’s something you may not know: In most professional sports with gameday attendance levels below 10K (i.e. ECHL, NBDL, etc), halftime acts for every single game are all planned out at least month before the season starts. Acts for big games are often planned much, much further in advance. This is standard, and it’s crucial.

It’s crucial because in spectator sports, especially four-digit-seating sports, every fan counts. The goal each night is to make every fan want to come back so that attendance can increase the next week and the week after that. Retention is crucial, therefore so is entertainment. And what’s the most memorable entertainment at a sporting event other than the game itself? The halftime show.

Was it really that hard for Reffue and his front office staff to plan ahead for OPENING NIGHT?

Here’s something I cannot imagine:

A GM and his staff sitting around at a lunch meeting in the conference room. It’s August and they’re having a discussion about their Opening Night halftime show. They know they need to do it big and build some momentum for attendance levels on Jan 22 and Jan 28. The GM is taking suggestions.

Staffer 1, a season ticket salesman fresh out of Boston University (we’ll call him Franky), stands up out of his seat and proclaims, “I’ve got it!”

“What, son? What is it?” the GM inquires.

Franky, shaking violently with excitement, blurts out “LAP DANCES!!!”

Everyone goes silent. Jaws drop.

Then, just as Franky’s stomach starts to drop, he hears this:

An act had been selected. Franky gets promoted. All is right in the Blazers front office.

Maybe that happened, or maybe the clown they hired didn’t show up. Either way, bummer for the Blazers. We’ll help them out in another post later today.

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    • True statement. Any press is good press, right? But does this kind of stunt
      and the resulting press really help ticket sales? Teams like this live and
      die on ticket sales and community relationships in their local markets. Even
      if it was just a handful of families who got turned off and won’t return,
      that’s still bad for business and could have a lasting effect if not dealt
      with appropriately.

      I really would like to know if the act they had planned backed out at the
      last minute or something. No GM in his right mind would schedule a lap dance
      at halftime on Opening Night.