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Hot Pot Of Lax: Traditional Stringing

britt trophy kiss lacrosse ncaa locker room
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As of right now, I have 5 confirmed traditional stringing requests.  Heads, leathers and shooting strings people prefer are all starting to fill my mailbox but I’m not worried.  I’ll get them all done well before the season starts because the pockets will all need time to settle and adjust.  I saw a comment today that got me thinking about traditional and why people have gotten away from it.  It simply isn’t that hard to learn how to do, the break in time is not that bad and the play is THAT much better.  There is just no comparison.

Is it laziness?  Or is it being conservative?  Too concerned about rain or mud to risk the perfect pocket?  “I”ll take the OK pocket because it will be better in the rain”  Really?  All pockets suck in the rain.  Spray your head with scotchguard or something. but don’t tell me traditional is that much worse than mesh.  Even if mesh IS that much better, traditional is still worth it.  I’m obviously opinionated when it comes to this matter, but tell me how you feel.  You a traditional guy?  You have a thing for mesh?  Think a pocket 34 comes close (It doesn’t)?  Let your voice be heard!


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Thanks to Michael Britt for these two pictures.  Quite simply, you do this:

britt over the head lacrosse lax summer check

summer ball. putting in work.

so that you can do this:

britt trophy kiss lacrosse ncaa locker room

No comment needed.

Now talk about how awesome traditional is.  I dare you not to.  Them’s fightin words mesh lovers.

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