Hot Pot Of Lax: What Lacrosse Seriously Needs


“Can you imagine Tim Tebow on the lacrosse field? …I guarantee you lacrosse would sky rocket with some Tim Tebows out there.”

Is he on to something?



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– Quite the game last night…

Ashton Super bowl


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  1. Agree with Derek. Lacrosse has the best athletes. It’s marketing the game needs to promote those athletes with “Vick Like” talent. Rabil, Seibald, Merrill, Crowley, Mundorff, Gant Jr, the Brattons, the list goes on and on.

  2. True, lacrosse has some great athletes but the top athletes in the sport of lacrosse are no where near the caliber of the top football, baseball, basketball, and hockey players. They practice once a week and hold real jobs… Love the game of lacrosse and there are sick athletes but its still a growing sport at every level.

  3. I really don’t agree that the athletes aren’t already present in lax. I think its a marketing issue of the game. If it was shown on national tv and we saw it once a week on a saturday or sunday. I think then the game would skyrocket. Putting couple day mll games on espn on a wedneday during the mid afternoon is working out. Nor is it putting great college match ups on espnu the best way also. You end up with only die hards watching. So again it it the marketing of the game, in my opinion that needs to change because the athletes are already there.

  4. There is no instant fix to make lacrosse big time. It needs to develop at all levels and get into the psyche of the American public. Pro soccer tried big stars with little success. He is right on diversity. More hits maybe, but the NFL is approaching an issue with a huge downside. Damage to players bodies and brains that is just beginning to be recognized. Its is beginning to be equated with boxing in terms of damage. Not a good thing. Finally, the Youtuber could use some technical support so his sound track and speaking synch. It just looks weird.