Hot Pot Of Lax: Where Is Under Armour Lacrosse?

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Under Armour Lacrosse is really here!

Beware, today’s Hot Pot of Lax is SCALDING.

This week’s Hot Pot victim: Under Armour

Under Armour was easily one the biggest things in lacrosse over the last couple of years.  Their cold gear could be seen on any player in early season games, grey UA Ts were de rigueur off the field, and every Summer team under the sun aspired to rock Under Armour for their club uniforms.  When they came out with cleats, and Maryland signed lacrosse up with them, it looked like they were all set to challenge the big boys of the lacrosse world.  So what ever happened to that next leap in involvement?

Sure, they still sponsor Maryland and Loyola, and a host of other teams, as well as the HS All-American game, but they just don’t have the same dominance they used to.    Now, Nike, and a myriad number of smaller competitors, have started producing gear to wear under your pads (basically Under Armour) and have taken sublimation to the next level, so UA may have lost some ground there, but it’s not the main driver behind their recent perceived slippage.

The real reason that Under Armour is not as strong in the lacrosse scene anymore is because they have simply outgrown it.  UA relied on lacrosse as an extremely solid starting point, where they were able to test and develop products quickly, all while marketing and introducing themselves to a smaller sector of the sports world.  Once they had established themselves as a legitimate supplier of the lacrosse world, the transition to the big time was easier.  They began focusing more heavily on football, running and soccer, and didn’t enter the lacrosse pad market, as some thought they might.

cascadelacrossehelmet2-1024x796cascadelacrossehelmet2-1024x796 under armour
Easton is making helmets. Why isn’t Under Armour?

Under Armour took what they did well, and started doing that for larger sports.  Do what you know.  It totally makes sense, even if some in the lax community may feel a little abandoned.  Which actually doesn’t make that much sense, since UA was never a lax company.   They were started by a Maryland football player, so obviously the tie to lacrosse came quickly, but a lot of people (Connor Wilson included up until last year!) were sure, at one point or another, that UA was started by lacrosse players.  That’s just anecdote for how big their presence used to be.  They just had to be lax guys.  Well, they’re not.

They are performance apparel guys, who now make ever-improving cleats and sneakers.  More than following an STX model, it looks like they are on the Nike path to a certain extent, and will get their hands (feet first though!) into a diverse market of sports through shoes and clothing.  Maybe some day in the future, they’ll come back to lax, like Nike is doing now, and start producing pads.  Maybe they won’t.

The important thing is to realize what Under Armour actually is, and they you’ll understand why they haven’t been as focused on lacrosse lately.



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Bishop Kelly vs. Eagle Women’s Lacrosse Highlights – These clips rival those of the world famous BHSVideoDad!

Fun fact: The BK girl’s lacrosse team is coached by Jeff Brunelle’s mom, JoJo. She’s led the Knights to 3 State Championships and a record of 86-15-1 over the past 6 seasons. The Knights are currently 5-2 in JoJo’s 7th season.

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      • Sorry 412 but you’re wrong.

        Its happening as others have said. You’ll see UA lacrosse products within the next 2 months. UMD will drop STX as its sponsor and they will be using UA lax gear starting in the fall.

        Paul Gait is working for UA along with Neil Goldman who was a Brine product manager

        • You’re saying that UMD will be going into fall ball using BRAND NEW, 4 months on the market lacrosse equipment from a company that has never before made equipment for any sport? I don’t believe it. Perhaps they will be dropping STX as their sponsor (which I simply do not understand), but I do not think it is feasible that the entire team will be equipped with Under Armour lacrosse GEAR head to toe. Nike did not even do that coming into the college lacrosse market, and they are a much larger company than UA.

          • UMD will be done with their agreement with STX in the fall. Most likely they will be using a combination of UA and Gait since I’m almost positive its a licensing deal. I agree it will not be head to toe for every player and they will use Gait to fill in for the products UA does not make

          • That makes sense based on Joe’s comments below. I’ve now heard rumors that Paul Gait (the Gait the company is named for) is on the design team for UA lax gear. I only hope that it result is new/better looking gloves than what Gait currently has out. Perhaps this is why Gait hasn’t put any new pads or gloves out in two years…
            Nike & STX have the same operation for their schools, so it makes perfect sense.

  1. I had heard that too. To be honest, UA had a legit shot there too since STX other major market is golf and Nike is a competitor.
    There were rumors of working with Maverik until Kohlberg (Bauer) bought that company. Still possible though. I think it would be a good fit, especially with Rabil being sponsored by both (kind of like Harrison was with Nike & STX).

  2. Inside sources are telling me that Under Armour will cease to make any athletic gear whatsoever and only make chains, massive tires, snow-makers, and welding equipment for their ridiculous commercials