How Do You Score In Lacrosse From 95 Yards Away?


We’ve all seen some pretty fantastic long-range lacrosse goals, and Loyola’s Reid Acton scoring from 75 yards away against Fairfield was certainly one of the most impressive of all time. However, today we found a 95 yard goal, and if you can do basic math, you know that’s 20 more yards.

The only problem with this goal is that we don’t actually get to see it go in the net, which that brings us to our next issue… there don’t seem to be any players (apart from the goalie) anywhere near the goal… so how did it go in? Was the sun in his eyes? We are now accepting real and fake stories to explain how that ball could have possibly gone in.

Is it interesting that Reid Acton and Marc-Antoine Pion are both Canadians? Do our neighbors North of the border have a ton more longsticks that practice the long bomb? Or is it just coincidence?

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