How to Put Fun Back Into Practice


Are some of your practices looking like this?

Well, I’ve got a way for you to break up that monotony.
Enter Dodgeball.

These people give us a great example of how to break things up and make practice fun again. Yes, my name is Jumbo Jack and I am serious.

GET THIS: For the lax crowd I suggest busting out tennis balls, sticks, and gloves. 2 teams – set it up just like traditional dodgeball. Now, preach to your guys the importance of being albe to shoot on the run and hit moving targets. Or, just let them go at it.

Disclaimer: a helmet is encouraged if you’ve got guys like me coming at you.

Think this would hurt?

Wait til you have me charging at you with a tennis ball full of sand. Pwnd.


  1. I’ve done it at some summer lax camps, we called it tennis ball dodgeball and it was a blast! You can really wing those tennis balls and with goalie sticks it makes things interesting and the games last longer.