Humiliating A 5 Year Old Has Never Been More Satisfying


WGN-TV Reporter Pat Tomasulo thinks kids these days are soft and to prove it he’s going to lay down the law.  Oh, who cares if the child’s mother gets upset? Pat Tomasulo doesn’t feel your human emotions.  He’s a warrior sent back in time to teach the world how men should act… one sobbing pre-schooler old at a time.

Video thanks to Jimmy Traina and SI’s Hot Links:

This kid is next.Did anyone catch the lacrosse going on in the background of the video?  Those kids were so intent on lax’n it up that they completely missed the wake of destruction that was Pat Tomasulo.  Oh by the way, after he finished dunking on the toddler he proceeded to steal one of the lacrosse sticks and pelt those kids with 101 MPH shots while laughing maniacally.

How much do you want to bet that this is Pat’s favorite online pastime?