Notre Dame Lacrosse Adidas cleats

Ice Box: Notre Dame’s New Lacrosse Cleats/Turfs

11 - Published March 9, 2011 by in College, Gear

The Ice Box is back with more pure hotness.  Notre Dame has new Adidas footwear units and we’re showing them off to you.  Because we know you’ll like them.  Especially the thinly shaped, but aggressive, cleat pattern.  Just looks so grippy!  We’ve covered Reebok Pumps, Wooden Shafts (now available for purchase!), training tools and so much more.  But this is team custom at a high level.  And it works.

Thanks to Gerry Byrne, assistant coach at Notre Dame for the photos!  They just handed these foot units out to the Irish laxers in advance of their game against Denver this Saturday.  The turfs are for their game against Providence later this year, which will be played on that old school, tear you ACL, turf.  Nice of Adidas to cover the Irish for ONE GAME!  Impressive.  Notre Dame keeps up the great work they’ve been displaying all year.  Like I said, Notre Dame Lacrosse does media right!

Notre Dame Lacrosse Adidas cleats

Looking super!

Notre Dame Lacrosse Adidas cleats

I play on old school turf sometimes. I'd rock these in a heartbeat!

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