Idaho Summer League Recap


This is an interesting time of year in terms of lacrosse.  For many of you, it’s merely the end of care free summer lax. Soon you’ll head back to school and fall ball will start and the cycle will begin anew.  For others, this is the end of the line for field lax until next spring.  Regardless of the meaning, the fact is that summer leagues across the country are coming to a close.

Things in Idaho are no different.

As noted in an LAS update last month, Boise’s summer league made efforts to keep things fresh this year:

Six teams played for six weeks and last Thursday, the matches were set: the Heathen Kings of Old vs. the Smooth Criminals for the Chump Cup; the Tony Danzas vs. the Goal’ums for the Doofus Title, and the Flamingos vs. the Super Mario Frogs for the Idaho Summer League Championship.

In the early games, the Criminals spanked the Kings and the Goal’ums nipped the Danzas.  In the process, the muddy mistakes of the groundskeepers were made known to all (and well known to some):

Later in the evening, the Flamingos and the Mario Frogs met to do glorious battle as the sun set literally and figuratively on summer league.

The teams kept things neck and neck, exchanging the lead multiple times and treating each other to some much-appreciated mud baths.

In the end, however, the Flaming-O’s prevailed.

The champs:

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