If Only I Had Some Kind Of Sun Protection Device [Good Morning LaxNation]



Baseball fans aren’t necessarily the smartest in the world…

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In other pre-weekend news, Ridley Scott is signed on for another Alien prequel, this picture of a cloud kinda freaks me out, and everyone in the entire world has watched that wedding entrance video. In the lax world we have the 2009 War on the Shore out in Bricktown, New Jersey going on as well as the CT Super Sophs Lacrosse Showcase at New Canaan High School.

Where else are people ripping up the lacrosse fields this weekend? Let us know in the comments.

This is the state of the world on your Friday the 31st. Whatever happens, remember that the sun is dangerous but wearing a baseball hat can be a tricky business.  Complex maneuvers should only be attempted by licensed professionals.

Here is an instructional video so you can practice: