In Case You Missed It: Weekly Lacrosse Recap

Wesleyan Amherst lacrosse NESCAC
Wesleyan putting on more offensive pressure. Shoot overhand!

It’s almost impossible to be a lacrosse player or coach AND fan during the Spring.  There is just so much going on that something will be sure to fall through the cracks.  Don’t worry though; our Weekly Lacrosse Recaphas you covered!  All the best lacrosse action from across the network and the internet, all in one place…

Don’t miss this week’s Caption Contest either!  There is a great Kim Black photo to comment on!

We’re Talking About DEFENSE, Man!

Looking for an example of a DOMINANT defense?   Look no further than Lehigh Lacrosse.  These guys are playing great team ball and are definitely paying attention to all the tips in our post on How To Become A Dominant Defenseman!  Wesleyan took out Middlebury on the back of their D, and then they did the same to #3 Amherst.

Wesleyan Amherst lacrosse NESCAC
Wesleyan beat Amherst to win the Little Three this week!

Something For The Offense Too…

Want to be a great shooter?  Want to score goals, put pressure on the defense and be a difference maker?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, you need to check out our post on Five Ways To Become A Great Lacrosse Shooter.  The ArtofLax knows what’s up and is now drawing up The Perfect Form.  Overhand baby.  412 has clearly been listening to Connor’s overhand ramblings. Connor is flattered.  Check out their new shooting drill. Prepare for dance music.

There Is Even A NEW Drill For EVERYONE, and plenty more below!

We invented a brand new drill based solely off of Rugby 7s.  It will help your team learn when to dodge, and how to stop others from dodging.  If you’re looking for ways to bring something new to your players, give this drill a shot!

Lacrosse Lost One Of Its Own this past week.  Randall Perkins lost his life to gun violence, and he was taken from us far too early.  Our thoughts and prayers will be with the Smithson Valley Lacrosse Club, and the entire Texas Lacrosse Community.

Penalties were a hot topic this week.  From the Most Violent Crosscheck Ever to Penalty Or Ejection?, the conversation was lively and intelligent.

Easton Lacrosse issued a voluntary recall for their new Stealth helmets due to a manufacturing defect, but we actually think the move bodes well for the company’s future in our sport.  They want to do it right, and we support that!  Safety first.  Speaking of helmets, check out these Old School Bates Lacrosse photos.  Awesome NESCAC gear in there.

We had three Photos Of The Week!  412 had one.  MCLAFan had one.  And of course, LAS had one!

Lacrosse made it onto SportsCenter twice in one day.  AND the day before.  Not too shabby, ESPN!  Love it.  Villanova beat Syracuse, and believe it or not, this was Cuse’s first Big East Lacrosse Loss EVER. It was a great game by the Wildcats!  Loyola went to UMBC and left with a big win on the road!  24SevenLax provides superior game coverage. had Rollins vs. Merrimack highlights.  We love some good NCAA D2 ball!  And over in the NCLL, the Morgan State guys are blogging on LPG, and we like what we’re seeing from MSU!  So much so that we’ll be in Hampton, VA for Lacrosse Day on April 14th!