In Da Club with 412lax: MCLA Week # 2


412lax presents a weekly video review of all the hot news in the MCLA.  Love it, hate it, the fact is YOU GOT IT.
Question of the week:
Is the MCLA making better decisions than the MLL?

Agree with 412’s thoughts on CSU’s uniforms? What about that question of the week?
Let him know in COMMENTS.

Miss week #1? No sweat! Check out the MCLA news from last week’s “In Da Club with 412lax” HERE.


  1. Haha LOVE the MCLA/MLL question. Personally, I think the MCLA is putting on quite the show so far this year. Minus the delayed launch of their new website, things seem to be operating seamlessly. I think the only thing that’s going to stop the MCLA from progressing further is the league’s lack of actually bringing everyone together and creating a community. Some might argue that the new website is an effort to do that, but… There’s, and The Lax Mag, and if the rumors I’ve heard are true then I personally think that CollegeLAX and MCLA/TheLaxMag need to come together right now and work on building a great community TOGETHER rather than keeping separate. Just my opinion. I obviously have no knowledge of what’s really going on, nor do I really want to know. I just want my team to win games. :)

    As for the MLL… They’re screwed.

  2. is not only a huge improvement over the last site, but gives the MCLA a little more legitimacy. Look around at other leagues — I don’t see anything that can compare. They added the ability to see every team’s schedule / roster and it’s very easy to get from team to team. The news section says there will be more features coming.

    I noticed that the collegelax poll is no longer on the site. It was up there for about a week or so. Now it’s gone. Looks like collegelax might be the odd man out. the forums say he threatened legal action so maybe collegelax is the one that doesn’t want to cooperate. That sounds like a mistake to me. I no expert, though.

    Also, The Top 23 now has an Adidas logo on it.

    My 3 cents.