International Lacrosse: Iroquois Nationals Video

Iroquois Nation Lacrosse
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Excited to see the Iroquois Nationals back in 2014.

Chief Oren Lyons (a living lacrosse legend himself), Alfie Jacques, and SL Price (a very well-known) SI writer all weigh in on what lacrosse means to our Native American Indians.  We’ve heard it before, but it never hurts to pay homage to the roots of the game, especially one that means this much to its own people.  Lacrosse is more than a game to some; it is a lifestyle.  To the Native Americans, it is so much more than even that; it is life itself.

Thanks to 412Lax for the find!

Lacrosse Nation by Straw Hat Visuals

Chief Oren Lyons Faithkeeper Six Nations Lacrosse lax
Oren Lyons is the man. I would love to meet him!!


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