International Women’s Lacrosse

Womens Box lacrosse
This is awesome!
Womens Box lacrosse

This is awesome!

We’ve focused heavily on International Lacrosse recently, mostly on Thursdays.  But we haven’t talked about the Women’s game nearly enough.  It’s been almost exclusively men’s content, so we’re trying to diversify our bonds.  Boing, Boing.  The women’s game has grown on the international level, but not as quickly as the men’s game has.  The game is big in England and Australia as well as the US and the Iroquois Nationals are even starting to pay more attention to their females athletes, in what has traditionally been a male dominated game.  Next step is to get these girls playing box lacrosse, right?  Oh wait, they have that in Calgary already!  So cool!

Next up, we have a VERY recent video from the Dutch Women’s First Division. This video runs down all the teams in the league for 2011 and then finishes up with some photos from what we can only assumer are last year’s games. If you didn’t think women’s lacrosse was booming, all you have to do is watch this video. Women’s lax league in the Netherlands. Not too bad!

US Lacrosse Hall of Famer Mary McCarthy Stefano talks about the growth of International Women’s Lacrosse:

And we’ll finish up with a little teaser video for the 2009 Women’s World Games in Prague:

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