Interview with Neil Butterfield, Las Vegas Lacrosse Showcase Director


Neil Butterfield - Las Vegas Lacrosse Showcase

While attending the Las Vegas Lacrosse Showcase (Facebook, Website), I had the opportunity to speak with Neil Butterfield, the tournament director. I’ve gotten to know Neil a little bit over the past few months since we met at Lake Tahoe last July. He runs Vitality Lacrosse, the company that put on the Showcase, and ever since meeting him I’ve heard nothing but great things about what he’s been doing for the Vegas lacrosse community.

Case in point: While at Kellogg Zaher Park last weekend, I candidly spoke with a few Las Vegas lacrosse parents in attendance. Not knowing who I was or what I do, they brought up Neil’s name and started telling me about the great events he runs. I guess that’s proof that the verdict is out – this guy knows how to GROW THE GAME.