Intramural College Lacrosse: BYU – Idaho


Very few schools are known for their intramural lacrosse leagues, outside of maybe Notre Dame and Johns Hopkins, but it’s looking like BYU-Idaho has got something good going right now, and we want to applaud these guys for Growing the Game so quickly in their neck of the great lacrosse woods.

To go from 25 interested guys to around 80 active players in one year is flat out amazing. The fact that most of the 80 guys now playing lacrosse at the school are brand new to the sport? Even more impressive.

It is clear that the BYU-Idaho intramural league is a welcoming place. It simply has to be, for that many new players to sign up. It is also clear that the leadership of the league is extremely solid, because setting up a league and instructing 65 newbies is no easy task!

Are they playing really good lacrosse right away? Well, no. But you watched the video, so you knew that already. Something else you should already know is that it doesn’t matter, because the lacrosse will get better and better, and it will continue to spread.

When these guys go home over break, their parents and little brothers and sisters will learn about lacrosse. When these guys graduate, get married and have kids, those kids will learn about lacrosse. When there is a need for a youth coach, one of these guys could be the man to step in.

The growth of an intramural league is a great thing to see, especially in a non-traditional area like Idaho. It means the game is growing in popularity, and that people want to play it wherever they can. It bodes well for the future, and I’d like to wish the BYU-Idaho Intramural League and all of it players the best of luck. To the new guys, welcome to the game!