Introducing The New 412 Lax, A Production


412_default2Beginning today, 412 Lax is officially part of Lacrosse All Stars. Peter Tumbas, the man behind 412 Lax, has moved his ship over to the LAS marina. Meaning… is now

While the content and topics of 412 Lax will remain the same, the technology behind it has received a hefty upgrade. Tumbas’ stream-of-thought writing style will now be complemented by a better layout and interface similar to that of 412 Lax will also reach a larger audience thanks to being a part of the Lax All Stars network and occasionally being featured the homepage.

Said Ryan Craven, Co-Founder of, “We’re excited to have Peter joining us, it’s a great move for both parties involved. Ultimately it means more content and an extended online presence, something Lacrosse All Stars is heavily focused on right now.”

Jeff Brunelle, also a Co-Founder, added: “We’re trying to build up something special here, so bringing 412 on board was an easy decision. Tumbas has a unique voice that resonates with the lacrosse community, and we think he has what it takes to build a large following and really make a name for himself.”

This is an exciting move for Lacrosse All Stars and Mr. Tumbas, and it’s exciting news for Lax Nation. Another step forward. Mad props to KMac for making it all possible. He must code in his sleep.

Expect some more killer content real soon.

Old 412 Lax


New 412 Lax