Introducing Total Lacrosse Radio Show With Jonny Namer!


Editor’s Note: Jonny “Vegas” Namer is hosting his own internet radio show, called Total Lacrosse, and he’s had some great guests so far. Our own Connor Wilson joins Jonny TODAY, September 17th at 2pm EST, and the topic will be, of course, lacrosse! See below for more info from Jonny on his new show, and how you can listen in to his conversation with Connor on this fine Monday!

Over the summer I was asked to join The Lacrosse Broadcast Network and to host my own show. The show is called “TOTAL LACROSSE with Jonny Vegas”. As most of you hopefully know by now, my real name is Jonny Namer, however, my nickname is Jonny Vegas.


There are three shows on The Lacrosse Broadcast Network. The three shows are: “Lacrosse Face Off with JoJoWar Drummer”, “Laxville Live with Dan Paur”, and my show, “TOTAL LACROSSE with Jonny Vegas”.

Every episode gets recorded and archived online, so if you miss the live episodes, don’t worry, as you can listen to them whenever you want. So far, my show has had great guests each episode and even more great guests scheduled. My show is already booked out all the way until December!

So far, I’ve had Jon Christmas, Sean Lindsay, Corry Mabry, Head Wrapz, and George Tenety.

Upcoming guests include: Conor Quinn, Bill Daye, Gary Gait, Easton Lacrosse, Kyle Harrison, David Farmer, Michael Collelouri, Peter Dante, Gary Greenbaum, Max Ritz, Paul Rabil, and Casey Powell!